Doggy Daycare

Open Monday to Friday with EXTENDED OPENING HOURS, we’re always here when you don’t have time to be. Join the pack at our award-winning doggy nurseries for endless hours of fun!

As dog owners, we have often found it challenging to find a suitable facility in which to leave our dog that will also allow us to get to work with plenty of time and doesn’t involve us rushing round like mad after work. Our vision is to provide a safe, fun and interactive space in which pet owners can leave their dogs.

Trading hours that match a busy working schedule (7am-6:30pm), a fully functioning grooming parlour on site, Training schools, hydrotherapy and much more!

At Stay N Play Doggy Daycare, we go the extra mile to create a positive and enriching experience for your furry companions.


Our carefully managed playgroups are based on dogs’ size, temperament, and play style, ensuring a harmonious environment where they can form friendships and build confidence.


We offer a range of activities, such as fetch, agility courses, and supervised group games, to keep dogs physically active and mentally stimulated throughout their stay.


Beyond playtime, our enrichment activities include puzzle toys, scent games, and sensory experiences to engage dogs’ senses and promote mental well-being.

Nap Time

After all the excitement, dogs have designated rest periods in cosy, climate-controlled areas, providing them with a chance to recharge and unwind.