Unlock your dog’s full potential with our expert dog training programs. Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach essential obedience skills, good manners, and advanced commands. We tailor our training sessions to suit your dog’s personality and specific needs. A well-trained dog is a happy and confident companion, and our training sessions strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Unleashing the Hero Within: Stay N Play Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour

Welcome to Stay N Play Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour, where heroes are born, and behavioral foes are vanquished! We understand that as a pet parent, dealing with the villains of unwanted behaviours, anxiety, and training challenges in your beloved pup can be overwhelming. Fear not, for we have crafted the ultimate training sanctuary, where your pups become the champions of good behaviour and happy living!

Meet the Villians

Unwanted Behaviours - The Mischief Monger

Unruly behaviours like excessive barking, jumping, chewing, and aggression can cast a dark shadow over your pup’s daily interactions. These villains can create stress for both you and your furry companion, affecting your bond.

Anxiety - The Fearful Foe

Anxiety can wrap its tendrils around your pup’s heart, making them timid, nervous, or even reactive in certain situations. Overcoming anxiety is crucial to helping your furry friend lead a confident and relaxed life.

Training Challenges - The Obedience Obstacle

Training challenges can feel like an uphill battle, leaving pet parents frustrated and unsure of how to effectively communicate with their dogs. A harmonious relationship is built on effective training and clear communication.

The Rise of the Hero: Stay N Play Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour

The Training Sanctuary - A Journey to Better Behaviour

Stay N Play Academy stands tall as the sanctuary where heroes are born through positive reinforcement and compassionate training methods. Our experienced trainers create a safe and supportive environment for your pup’s transformation.

Mastering Behavior Modification - Triumph over Unwanted Behaviours

Our skilled trainers are experts in behaviour modification, addressing the root causes of unwanted behaviours with patience and understanding. Through customized training plans, we empower your pup to conquer their mischief and embrace good behaviour.

Conquering Anxiety - The Path to Inner Peace

At Stay N Play Academy, we specialize in addressing anxiety, helping your pup build confidence and resilience. With gentle guidance and desensitization techniques, we lead them toward a life free from fear and anxiety.